San Diego Rapper Beta Bossalini Releases “The Campaign” With A-Wax, Big June, Tiny Doo & More

Sidewayz Mafia recording artist Beta Bossalini is back with his latest installment, “The Campaign”. The album comes with 23 tracks produced by Seas On The Slap, Shipmates and others with guest appearances from Bay Area goon A-Wax, Juice formerly of Blackwall Street, Tiny Doo, Big June, Macnificent, Diezal and the rest of the Sidewayz Mafia camp. The album is now available for purchase via BandCamp, check out the official artwork and track list below.


1. Understand (Feat: OWAY)
2. Can A Young Ni**a Ball (Feat: OWAY & Slo Slick) [Prod. by: Seas of Rush Money] 3. I Fell Amazing (Feat: OWAY & Rico) [Prod. by: Shipmates] 4. I Use To Have Love (Feat: A-Wax & OWAY) s
5. Say It Wit Ya Chest (Feat: Big June & Dosia Bo)
6. Alcohol & Pillz (Feat: Overdose & Lil Beta)
7. Goin’ Downnn
8. Mafia Musiq II (Feat: Bino & OWAY)
9. Chang (Feat: Macnificent & OWAY) [Prod. by. Shipmates] 10. Da Mannn
11. Top Ni**as (Overdose & Cheddaboy800)
12. Another Gun [Prod. by: Shipmates] 13. Rally Round My Bredrins (Feat: Diezal) [Prod. by: Shipmates] 14. Muddy Waters (Feat: Overdose)
15. No Loyalty (Feat: Diezal & 2Kool)
16. All Dimez (Feat: Overdose)
17. Time (Feat: Overdose)
18. Fly Niggas (Feat: Bick Bands, Lil D Bick & Diezal)
19. Gwalla (Feat: Bick Bands & West West)
20. Congregating (A-Wax, Tiny Doo & Juice of Black Wallstreet)
21. Whatever U Want (Feat: Macnificent)
22. ENUFF4US (Feat: Overdose & Young Papi
23. Dream Song [Prod. by: Shipmates]


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