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San Diego producer Roadeezy is the first to sit down in our segment “Producers’ Showcase“. Each week we will spotlight different artists, film makers, producers, and his or/ her work and life. Roadeezy is a name you may be familiar with if you live in Southern California. The man’s self admitted “Old School” style represents just how long he has been making music. The 37 year old, was born in Hawaii, but lived his life on the Gold Coast of San Diego.

As you can expect from a man of that age living in Southern California his major influences are legends like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and The Dove Shack. You can hear the inspiration in his music as well. The producer uses that old school feel in his work at Slapp House Studios. The “Slapp House”  is located on Eucilid Ave in San Diego, The street is a well known thorough fair that cuts right through the heart of the cities most colorful and crime filled segments. His team has been building it’s reputation since relocating there from Rancho San Diego in 2011. His clients include: Domino, Layzie Bone, Big June, Suga Free, Luni Coleone, The Dove Shack, The Young Shack, C Siccness, Curtis Young-Dr.Dre son, Jayo Felony, Sonny Bo, and many others.

You can hear the influences of the past in his beats that are being rapped to today. Take his two most recent releases “I’m The Man” and “The Way That I Do It” both singles feature synth, bass and drum patterns you could have heard back in 1995. The trick that Roadeezy has figured out is how to make that sound relevant today. The response to the two singles show that Slapp House and Roadeezy are on the right path.
The producer is looking to continue his work of blending sounds of the past with the music of today. His Slapp House Studio is in the process of opening a store front with clothing and more. He hopes the street traffic will bring a wave of new talent for his music business as well. Lets hope this happens as Roadeezy’s beats deserve a rapper of the same calibers spit. You can hear some dope young talent accompanying the OG Suga Free on Roadeezy’s latest releases. Mixing the Old with the New is working for the producer, his goal is to have that continue!



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