Introducing,San Diego Fashion Designer Teanna Wiley | CEO of TWileytm

San Diego fashion designer Teanna Wiley seems to be making some international waves as of lately with her brand, TWileytmTeanna says she really just make things  she knows would look great on herself & others. In todays fashion, girls out there are  bold, fun &  confident . Creating this all from scratch with calculations done in her head Teanna has produced some pretty hot designs. Literally hand making  everything is how everything is brought to life. 

With support from music artists such as Louise Chantal, Thatdmvsinger and  supplying wardrobe for music videos ,Teanna is bossing up,and dont expect her to slow down anytime soon…”I’ve always been into fashion, inspired by any & everything .Although i must credit  my aunt, Jayme for always influencing my style, we are pretty much the same person. She taught me how to sew in January 2016 & I pushed myself to progress daily,now here I am creating pieces I stand behind 100% percent. 



Really making a splash on social media,with Twitter followers in the thousands all eager the see her latest styles, seasonal collections dropping in 2017 she plans to put out her best work. Teanna says she plans to do some, pop up shops,but at the moment, focus mainly on the foundation of the TWileytm brand. Stay tuned Teanna may just drop a mens collection on us.

14237577_1822360307983512_9196503500820365850_n @TeannaLW 


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  • Hey Teanna im sooooooo proud of you. I went from seeing you at NaNas daycare to growing into a beautiful young lady. I support you 100% and im always rooting for you! Keep up the great work ! ?