Sammy Keys From Ottawa, Canada Drops New Single “All to You”

Up-and-comer all-around artist  (R&B/Soul, Hip Hop) Sammy Keys from Ottawa, Canada. Ceaselessly making great tunes to vibe to, Sammy anticipates releasing more tunes this Summer ’17.

Keys, consistently acknowledging banger after banger, which denotes this as his fourth release, called ‘All to You’. With another tasteful hip bounce love melody. The exceptionally infectious melody was imaginatively led in view of genuine occasions. With the sound engineered by Laguil, this is prepared to be heard everywhere throughout the world. With production done by Abel Beats, once more, they’ve collabed to make a sweet heartfelt track.

The idea of this tune is the things a mate would accomplish for his adoration, and how the significant other would convey them anything they need. This is clear when Sammy sings the lines “Give you diamond rings, pearl and things, yeah it’s all for you.”

So my request is for your Network/Platform to Premiere it. We will release it on the on the 30th of June, 2017, and it will be distributed through all music platforms (Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal..etc).

Sammy is aiming for to reach a bigger buzz with your networks promoting it, and he will give full credit/mentions to your site and platform.

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