Sacramento’s Peso Harlem Releases “Cosa Nostra” Stream/Download Now!

Influential Sacramento artist Peso Harlem is just released his latest project, Cosa Nostra,hosted by DJ Cos The Kid. Peso has been working diligently for the last six months to complete Cosa Nosta; for Peso Harlem, Cosa Nosta had to be perfect. Peso has invested more time into Cosa Nostra than any other project and the goals set for this album surpassed those of any prior projects. Peso feels a sense of responsibility as a legendary Sacramento artist and with that he went into every studio session determined to make every track a classic, regardless of the negativity around him.

Cosa Nostra, which translates to, “This thing of ours” equates to a reflection of Peso’s life; from the manner in which he carries himself as a man to the way he reacts to life situations. Loyalty is exceedingly important in every situation in Peso’s life, as such, the title of this album speaks for itself in silence. Every track on Cosa Nostra carries a special meaning for Peso, some on a personal level, while other songs were built from the ground up and speak to his ingenuity and creativity as an artist. Peso’s approach and delivery to every song will prove to his fans that Cosa Nostra is his best work yet. Peso is excited to release Cosa Nostra and advises his fans to listen to the album from start to finish. Cosa Nostra means a lot to Peso Harlem because of what’s to come in the future, while he wouldn’t elaborate on that I know we can anticipate great things.
Twitter: @PesoHarlem | @DJCosTheKid

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