T-Nutty Discusses Sacramento’s Rap Scene, His Maturity As An Artist & More | Exclusive

T-Nutty, aka The Flowmastermouth or The Last of the Flo Heakinz. The rapper that hails from California’s State Capitol Sacramento, California, who also was born and raised in the infamous neighborhood of 24th St. Garden Blocc which is home Brotha Lynch Hung, X-Raided, C-Bo and the Crips street gang. You may remembering hearin T-Nutty on albums such as Tech N9ne‘s Misery Loves Kompany and K.O.D..

15 + studio albums into in his career, when asked about his journey thus far. He went on to say:

“Them other albums, I was just rapping. I’m not the same Nutty” – T-Nutty

We sat and chopped it up with the Sac City native to speak on the recent current events occuring in his city between his neighborhood OG’s Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo and rising rap artist Mozzy aka Lil Tim. When asked about his opinion on the matter at hand. He went on to say:

“Everybody saying its beef, and where do I stand? It’s not beef, It’s a rap battle” – T-Nutty

He also spoke on the attention the city of Sacramento has been receiving, and the many talented individuals, that are helping cater to keeping the focus on the 916.

Check out the full interview below and catch up with the discussion on this topic and all Sacramento rap related events at:

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