Russell Simmons Nephew Redrum of The Flatlinerz says he is scared to see Uncle Russ

Jamal Simmons aka Redrum of the former Def Jam group The Flatlinerz and Nephew of Russell Simmons was back on the Murder Master Music Show where he spoke about the group’s new EP 666ix. During the interview Redrum also gave his thoughts about recent allegations made against the Hip Hop mogul and at one point sent a direct message to his Uncle saying he was scared to go see him.

“Uncle Russell if you hear this joint holla at me and let know if everything is all good. The last time I talked to you was by mistake and you told me to come see you but I’m scared to come see you! Give me a call man, love you! Jamal said love you Uncle Russell give a nigga a call sometimes to see how a nigga is doing but I aint comin out there Unc!”

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