Rucci on Buying His Mom a House, Drakeo’s Death, Inglewood & More


00:00 Intro 0:15 – Rucci’s baby mama used to watch T-Rell and his wife’s vlogs 1:38 – Not having any rap beef. Never dissed anyone in a song 2:30 – T-Rell shed a tear watching Rucci’s documentary. Follow-up coming soon showing him meeting his dad for the first time 5:10 – Starting his own label Doggybone Records 6:10 – Bought his mom and dad a house before he started buying jewelry 6:52 – Rucci still feels a type of way about Adam unfollowing him 7:55 – Rucci reacts to the death of Drakeo the Ruler 9:50 – Having regrets over beef with other rappers. Wants to transcend the politics the same way T-Rell does 11:44 – Changing his views about music festivals. Security is not as safe as you think 20:05 – Gina has known Rucci since high school 32:16 – Rucci doesn’t understand why Mack 10 still hasn’t tapped in. Feeling like the hottest thing out of Inglewood since Mack 34:20 – Always looking up to RJmrLA. Making music together now is a real full-circle moment 37:25 – Gina proposes a YG/Tyga Verzuz. Rucci suggests they hold it at “Brypto” Arena 39:28 – Documentary sequel and tour coming soon. Still wants the fade with Adam

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