Rob49 on Why New Orleans is a War Zone, Selling Weed, DaBaby & More

Rob49 talks about keeping his family close, being inspired by Wayne and Thug, playing ball in school, working with Dababy and more.

00:00 Intro
1:00 Rob speaks on his upbringing, growing up in New Orleans and coming up in poverty
3:30 Rob on the early days of Cash Money, being inspired by Lil Wayne and street culture in New Orleans
5:10 Rob on playing basketball in high school, tearing his ACL in the 9th grade, and the phenomenon of broke people always having on designer
10:00 Rob on his mom finding his stash
13:00 Rob on trying you to finish school for his mom and said he would have if the pandemic wouldn’t have hit
14:10 Rob speaks on when he decided to start rapping and already being a popular dude around town before he started rapping
17:00 Rob on growing up listening to Curren$y, feeling like he wouldn’t be a good fit for Jet Life and receiving offers to sign with Birdman and Young Thug
21:00 Rob on joining the Army for 2 years and almost getting kicked out for selling vapes and phones
27:00 Rob on how his rap career started, getting signed 4 months into rapping, how he linked up with P (QC) and Lil Baby
30:00 Rob on the influence Young Thug has on him and always thinking that’s how he’d want to be if he made it to the top
31:20 Rob speaks on who he decides to keep around him and moving around with his mom
32:45 Rob talks rapping with Peezy and reacts to Peezy saying he made a million dollars in a month
34:00 Adam asks Rob how many times he’s gotten a woman’s body done, Rob says he prefers a natural girl and says he wants to set something up with Adam off camera
36:00 Rob talks being in a long term relationship as a rapper and says his girl doesn’t listen to his type of rap
38:40 Rob on how he tapped in with Desto Dubb, calls him the “King of Cali Drip” and says he doesn’t want to be addicted to lean
39:50 Rob reacts to his lyric about kissing a girl’s feet before eating her out and speaks on collaborating with Kevin Gates
41:40 Rob talks about his new song with DaBaby called “Hate it or Love it”
44:10 Rob on fashion being a huge part of the brand that he’s building and creating his own fragrance with his father
46:10 Rob talks performing at a festival put on by Lil Boosie and says Boosie’s performance was the littest concert he’s ever been to




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