Rising L.A. Hispanic artist “Annimeanz” Challenges the Latino Rapper stereotype

As one of Los Angeles’ rising talents, Annimeanz just dropped his most impressive project in “Cudahy Dopeboy” – the 10 track soundtrack that mixes the traditional attitude of the West Coast with the sound of today. A trend-setter for Hispanic hip-hop on the West Coast, Annimeanz is out to show and prove to the world that Mexican rappers are more than just lowriders and oldies samples. Recently at a studio in the heart of Los Angeles, Annimeanz gathered journalists and tastemakers to check out the sounds of his new street album and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

In addition, take a listen to this new track off the album called “IDK” featuring fellow rising artist Big Sick Nasty – this one is some serious heat!

Listen to “IDK” featuring Big Sick Nasty: https://soundcloud.com/annimeanz/idk-feat-sick-nasty

You can also check out the latest feature on Annimeanz as he sat down with the OC Weekly to discuss his career and much more.

OC Weekly link: http://www.ocweekly.com/music/annimeanz-wants-to-be-more-than-the-next-big-mexican-rapper-8437263

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