Rim & Eddie Kaine Talk META, Shady Producers, The Walkers, Big Ghost LTD, Solo Projects & More

Rim & Eddie Kaine are back these gents have graced the platform before but ain’t been on in sometime as always Lo brings the best outta each guest, Rim & Kaino just released this album album titled META Music Evaluates The Arua & how it came about & why they decided to show true artistry and not sticking to a certain lane, Eddie Kaine’s Easter eggs within his music videos, Rim’s Phesh Waves, what they think about producers buying vocals from artists & pull shady moves, how Big Ghost find Kaino, Rim wished Big Ghost would of worked with Sean Price, Rim’s friendship with Lil Fame (M.O.P.) & Prodigy (Mobb Deep). Do they really think BK Caminantes is their Cuban Linx record , opening up for Curren$y then finally the trio talk about META records like U.N.I.C.Y. The Dear Summer flip club anthems like Slipps, Rimbrandt a double album & his project with Pete Rock that are still to be released. What’s up with The Walkers,

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