Revisiting The Murder Conviction Of No Limit Rapper Mac Phipps

A rap superstar in the making is sent to prison for a crime h e says he didn’t do. And when you hear the all the facts of the case, you may wonder too why he can’t get anyone to listen.

Rapper Mac Phipps is a phenomenon, in the game since age 11, when he broke into the big time with his own music video. By the time he was 12 he had recorded his first album. He was constantly traveling and did a big tour with superstar rapper Snoop Dogg, going all over the world.

Mac is the oldest of six children to parents married for 40 years. And his family has his back all the way.

“We were trying to start a management company, and what I would do is book small shows in different little small clubs around Louisiana,” said Sheila Phipps, Mac’s mother.

Mac was hosting an open-mic at a place called Club Mercedes near Baton Rouge in Feb. 2000. He’s looking for new talent to represent. But he is a little hesitant about this gig because the crowd was a little rowdy, according to Sheila. Close to a hundred people pack the room as Mac’s parents watch the door and take tickets. In another part of the club, Chad Phipps stays close to his brother Mac when trouble begins.



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