Renz Julian – Thug Scholarship

Bay Area rap fans should already be aware of Renz Julian. This West Oakland representative put his first mark on the rap scene back in 1999 when he dropped an underground release called “Fingaz Of Gold” under the name Playa Renz. Later he brought a couple of mixtapes (“2 The League”, “Armageddon”, “Legal Crack”, “Alphabet Hustle”), a self titled EP and an official “Armageddon” solo project. It’s been a minute since we heard a full-length album from Renz Julian, but soon we’ll get a brand new release titled “Thug Scholarship”.

There’s no release date set yet, but some songs have already leaked to the Internet. You can listen to “Coke & Henn”, “Playin’ House”, “Shady Girl” and “20 Racks” on YouTube. will definitely keep you posted on this one. In the meantime visit Renz Julian on,, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter.


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