Rennie LOC The Real Queen of Compton

Rennie Loc, hailing from the South Side of Compton, has ascended to the title of queen in her community. Growing up as a tomboy, she found her passion in clown dancing and was even voted the class clown. Harnessing this innate talent, Rennie has seamlessly transitioned into hosting Hip Hop Events and cultivating a comedic persona.

Her magnetic popularity and vibrant personality shine brightly on her widely acclaimed podcast, “Ain’t This About a Bitch,” where she fearlessly delves into current events and women’s issues. Collaborating with esteemed online personalities like OG Bry-Dog, Melly Mel DaHoodPostman, C MACC, and OG Cartoon 53, Rennie Loc has solidified her presence in the digital realm. A fortuitous encounter with Nipsey Hussle at a YG recording session, facilitated by her childhood friend, the late Slim 400, further cements her influence and connections in the industry.

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