Remy Ozama Drops His Latest Project “The Bin Laden Project”

Remy Ozama Drops His Latest Project “The Bin Laden Project”. The project contains a total of 13 tracks. It features  guest appearances by San Quinn, A-Wax, Lil Rue, Stevie Joe, Equipto, D-Lo, AZD, C.M.L. Peep the the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.

01. Ride Wit It f. Lil Rue & Trap Dollaz
02. The New Breed f. San Quinn & AZD
03. Tick Tock f. Equipto
04. Last Lap f. Stevie Joe & Trap Dollaz
05. Bin Laden
06. Fat 40z f. A-Wax
07. Renegades f. D-Lo
08. Bump N Grind f. Real Onez
09. Surveillance f. Footz The Beast
10. The Yay Area
11. Body Count f. C.M.L.
12. Ozama Part 2
13. Mafia Movie f. Icy Baby

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