RBX speaks on Eazy-E wanting him to sign to Ruthless and much more

Former Death Row Records recording artist, and long time Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg associate, RBX  was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show recently. He gave a real in-depth interview and revealed some amazing things such as how the late Eazy-E approached him about signing to Ruthless Records after having problems with Suge Knight 

Around 24:45 RBX speaks on how he was on his way to signing to Ruthless Records.

” I was on my way to Ruthless. I had already started having meetings with Eazy-E. Eazy-E said “I know you are not happy at Death Row “, but then he passed! 

Later on around 44:29 RBX spoke more about how Eazy-E first approached him

“When I was leaving the studio there is a big ole all black benz following me. It was limousine tinted and I don’t know who was in it. When I would turn, it would turn, so I now had a tail. Eventually I get my pistol from the back seat, loaded it up and pulled in the gas station. I pull into the gas station and jump out ready and Eazy-E lets his window down. I said “Eazy-E, come on man why you do that?” and he said “Cuz I want you at Ruthless and I know you not happy over there.” I said “Well, I don’t have no problem with Dre, but Suge is getting on my nerves.” He said “I know and I want you to come to Ruthless.” This was on a Thursday or Friday and he said to call him on a Monday. I ended up doing some more stuff and a couple weeks had passed and I saw a newsflash that said Eazy-E succumbed to AIDS!” 

He also spoke about the deaths of Pac and Biggie, how the song “High Powered” came about, and much more.

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