RBX On Recording The Chronic “Thugs Everywhere, But Everybody Had Maximum Skills”

Recently The Narrator RBX was on the Murder Master Music Show to speak about his new album Hibernation Shivers. While on the show X elaborated on the atmosphere when recording The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s first solo project and Death Row’s first release.

Surrounded by talent –
To be honest with you I can’t really break down with the atmosphere was but we were all in there and everybody had maximum skills. I’m right next to Snoop Dogg, right next to the DOC, right next to Daz and Kurupt, right next to The Lady of Rage, right next to Warren ya dig? The vibe was there!

Shared a bond

I think that everybody that was at the solar building shared a bond. It was the beginning of something beautiful, but it hadn’t become beautiful yet.

It was grimy at first- you could get served in many ways

It was still kind of grimy, moldy, and mushy, you could get served up there in many different ways. There was thugs everywhere red and blue. At the time things were going on I didn’t realize how grimy it was, but it was just my norm. Shit was grimy but we was getting it done. When I sit back and listen To the record I can hear all that. I can hear the arguments , the fights and all kinds of shit .

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