RBX On Death Row Biopic & Wanting To Leave Some Things In The Past

Former Death Row Records recording artist and Dr. Dre label mate, RBX was recently A guest on the Murder Master Music Show. He chopped it up with Prez and Mac Jay about several things
including being at the premier of the NWA biopic and seeing Dre, Cube, Snoop, and others to speaking on the possibility of him being left out of A could be Death Row Biopic
in the future.

“You know what, I don’t know if my answer is kind of weird, but it is actually the way that I feel. I don’t feel slighted. I know what happened, I was there, I was a major instrument in the whole thing, thing, thing! So in some areas I just don’t even really wanna relive that shit. It was a most beautiful time, it was a good thing for my career, but it wasn’t something that I would glorify especially the way that I was moving.  I ain’t trying to bring none of that shit up, some of that shit needs to stay where it’s at. It they choose to use my likeness in the movie cool but I’m not trying to be all in the lime light and all in the video!”


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