Raz Fresco Drops His Latest Project “Marvelous Right Wrist”

Raz Fresco Drops His Latest Project “Marvelous Right Wrist”. The project contains a total of 18 tracks. It features guest appearances Boldy james, The 6th Letter, Faiza, Born king. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as link below provided.


01. The World Is Yours feat. Raekwon (prod. by Raz Fresco)
02. British Columbia (prod. by OD)
03. Based On A True Story (prod. by Raz Fresco)
04. When The Heart Bleeds (prod. by Dibia$e)
05. Lost My Way (Going Downhill) (prod. by Raz Fresco)
06. Catch Me If You Can (prod. by ALS)
07. Zig Zag Ziggin (prod. by Raz Fresco)
08. Keep Six feat. The 6th Letter & Faiza (prod. by Raz Fresco)
09. More Magnetic (prod. by Raz Fresco)
10. Colour Money feat. Boldy James (prod. by Raz Fresco)
11. Queen Elizabeth Way Interlude (prod. by Raz Fresco)
12. Zoo Animals feat. P Blackk (prod. by Raz Fresco)
13. Could’ve Loved (prod. by Raz Fresco)
14. Natural Love (prod. by Raz Fresco)
15. Getaway Music (prod. by ALS)
16. Second Chance (prod. by Raz Fresco)
17. Find My Way (Going Uphill) (prod. by Nicholas Craven)
18. Mastered Sound (Holy Koran) feat. Born King (prod. by Raz Fresco)


Raz Fresco "Marvelous Right Wrist" Digital Album

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