Raw Wattage Delivers New Single With Assists From Large Professor On Debut Album ‘N.E.W.S.

(Columbia, South Carolina) In a day and age where trap music prevails and beats and rhymes seem to have taken a back seat to the trap, Hip-Hop duo P Watts and DJ FX who make up the duo Raw Wattage are here to set the standard straight. Taking things back to the basics with an emcee and a DJ combo, a la Eric B. And Rakim or Gang Starr. This duo is here to cut through the decisiveness that is America in 2016.
As such the guys have put together an electric project that is executively produced by the Large Professor, known for his work with Nas on Illmatic among many other projects. Connected via  P Watts’ mentor, Tragedy Khadafi, this project dubbed N.E.W.S. is just what the doctor ordered with a change up that real Hip-Hop heads will appreciate.



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