Ras Kass: Intellectual Property Soul on Ice 2 West Coast Classics

The Endangered Lyricist repping Los Angeles, California brings and enigmatic hip-hop
mixtape for a breath of fresh air. Ras Kass released Intellectual Property: SOI2 in
2015. As a seasoned veteran, Kass is coveted as one of the greatest emcees of
all-time. He brings features from rarely seen legends KRS-ONE and Killah Priest. Kass
also collaborates with new rap artist Torae, OC, and Afro. This is for those hungry for
bars. After all, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” These bars are spliced,
inverted and paired with authentic dj skills from DJ EFN and HERON. An affiliate of
Cre8yte Corporation, Re Up Entertainment an independent record label. This album is
food for thought. Intellectual property is a work or invention that is the result of creativity
to which one has rights they can copyright or trademark, according to Google. Ras
Kass entered the rap scene in 1996 via West Coast powerhouse Priority Records with
album Soul on Ice. Soul on Ice was an instant classic deemed as hardcore knowledge.
His heavy verbiage transcended bi-coastal stereotypes.

Ras Kass paints a socially relevant, historical, well-crafted, metaphorical masterpiece.
Per capita rhymes grounded in logic marinate in the ear drums. Most emcees bars are
abbreviated, yet these verses have complete outcomes, a solid technique of mounting
concepts. Each tape is a full cypher. Each track has an apex, from which you can track
the cerebral development. Introducing a cornucopia of lyrical fruit. Kass turned his societal paranoia into verbal prowess. Ras Kass changed the lane for West Coast rappers.

Present day emcees like Kendrick Lamar, Bishop Lamont, and Freddie Gibbs
reflect this mentality. Think of Kass as spontaneous combustion on a beat. After 20
years in the game, he hasn’t lost any steam. Representing for real hip hop knowledge,
and true enlightenment. Kass embodies a prophet, or a philosopher to the game.
At this point it’s about knowing your origin for many Soul on Ice, and “Nature of the
Threat” notably inspired by Rakim, was the beginning of West Coast lyricism- being
respected. Although many feel the production is mediocre the element of turntablism
within the song fuels the authenticity of the mixtape while making up for lackluster
production. Prior to this his album 2013’s, Barrmaggedon featured a few of the noted
dope LA new school emcees. It’s rumored Soul on Ice 2 is currently in production using
classic beats from Apollo Brown. Deconstruct the complexities of these lines to
recognize what we are missing today. The Craft. The Artistry. The Originality. The Value.

Credit: Sneak Harris

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