Rapper Maseratimet claims to have recorded Sterling in new leaked audio

Taped rants reveal the REAL Donald Sterling: Clippers boss claims Stiviano is the true racist who ‘bleaches her skin and wishes she was white’ – while blackmailing him all along Donald Sterling taped during hour-long call to long-time friend Maserati

Sterling claims mistress V.Stiviano is the true racist, who hates being part-black and bleaches her skin every day
Moans how he has been brought down just because he ‘talked to a girl’ and told her ‘anything she wanted to hear’ just so he could ‘play with her’
Claims he’s not racist at all and ‘vast majority’ of white people don’t think about color – whereas black people do Says having black basketball player and wife stay at his apartment proves he’s not racist

During a phone call with a close friend in the wake of the racism scandal that has rocked American basketball, Sterling speaks candidly about his true feelings towards his former girlfriend V. Stiviano.

The secret recordings were made by Sterling’s long time friend, a black hip hop artist called Maserati, who says he leaked the phone conversation, because, in his view, the Clippers boss crossed the line.

The tapes, recorded just four or five days after the scandal broke, paint a very different picture to that presented to CNN host Anderson Cooper in an interview on Monday night.

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