Rapper J-Diggs Arrested $750,000 Confiscated

Police Confiscate $750,000 From A Raid Of J-Diggs Home (or so they say)

Confined to a cell 23 of 24 hours a day on what’s called “Celebrity Status Lock-Up,” Bay area rapper J-Diggs reached out to his publicist during one of those rare times out of lock up to plead his case. “I’ve been hearing a lot of crazy stuff out there so I want to send you a letter so you can let my fans know what’s going on” Diggs shares. As explained in a letter from the man himself Diggs was arrested due to a violation of probation stemming from a prior conviction in Hawaii last year.


Diggs had his probation transferred to Las Vegas where he was put on house arrest which allowed him to work on his latest offering #90DayHouseArrestProject which is set to drop next month. Diggs was preparing to hit the road on October 8 on his “Chasing My Dreams” tour to promote his recently released “California Livin 3” album which dropped last month. The tour which featured Suga Free, Keak Da Sneak, D-Lo, Mitchy Slick and A.P.9 had already secured shows in Seattle, Portland, Utah, California, Kansas City and Phoenix with the release party being held on October 8 in Las Vegas two days after the end of his house arrest. Unfortunately Las Vegas PD had other plans and shut the release party down and subsequently showed up at Diggs’ house the next day with 10 Metro units, his parole officer and a search warrant.


After the hour long search, police found 3 ounces of weed (which he was permitted to have), 200 bottles of OG Diggs THC, a pink stun gun belonging to a female friend, and behind a secret hidden wall in his closet they recovered over $750,000.00 in cash, which Diggs claims was closer to $900,000.00, as a result of money won betting on Floyd Mayweather fights. Needless to say the rapper’s parole was violated and he was arrested and sentenced to 1 year. Diggs just wanted all of his fans to hear the truth in his own words and wants them to know he should be home in about 8 months to reconvene where he left off and to keep Thizz alive.


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