Rapper Fiend Speaks On No Limit Records And Master P

On Episode 82 of the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio, Prezident Bejda had former No Limit Soldier Fiend on the show and it was legendary to say the least. They chopped it up about everything from Master P supposedly name droppin’ Fiend in a negative light to a shooting incident over seas while Snoop was performing. Fiend even talked about how in Germany they were forced to sit at the back of a bus because of a racist.

Right around 4:20

When asked if Master P reached out to him to do music Fiend said

“I wouldn’t even know I haven’t talked to that cat since ’99”

At around 4:57

Fiend also went on to say that Master P can’t seem to keep his name out his mouth.

This dude is out there some where still talking negative about me. I haven’t put one piece of air out in the public or negative about this man and keep my name in his mouth on some negative and I find that to be strange.”

At around 25:29 

Fiend brought up again how he never had bad words for Master P

I wanna go on record bruh I never bashed Master P a day in my life on an interview. I heard some interviews and maybe somebody asked him something but I nothing to the man, I never sued him for rightful payment of things that I worked for or nothing, but

I feel from time to time I catch a little negativity.”

At 50:08 

Fiend recalls when overseas how someone shot a pistol in the club while Snoop was performing.

We had so much love for Snoop! While he was performing someone shot a pistol and Me, C-Murder, Mac, Kane & Abel, and Magic jumped off the stage looking for a man with a gun when we aint have a box of popcorn to throw at this dude!”

At 51:39

Fiend explains an incident where he was in Germany and had to be locked up in the back of a tour bus by racists!

“I was in Germany and I had to be locked up in the back of a bus because they are not into letting people of color to certain areas. We had to be locked up in the back of the bus and be quiet.”

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  • Fiend is an excellent artist and would be a Master Piece to the rap game today, so someone like Jeezy Jay Z Master P and other amazing Artist needs to get at him and because Fiend needs to be heard. I LOVE FIEND and it’s well over do. God Bless you Fiend Mr. Fiend/ WHOOMP WHOOMP and we all know when Fiend hit the stage it’s a GUARANTEED TO BE A REAL PARTY. FIEND WE LOVE YOU

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