Rapper Chaz-O On A Road To Success In “I’ll Be Damn” Music Video

New York, New York (October 30, 2017)Chaz-O, a Connecticut native, boasts his clever lyricism in new music video for single, “I’ll Be Damn.” “I’ll Be Damn” is comparable to your favorite Gucci Mane music video. It focuses on living in luxury, however Chaz-O pledges, “music is my passion, I do it for the love and respect before the money”. 
 In “I’ll Be Damn,” Chaz-O follows his intuition and ditches employment as a busboy. He cruises through town in a new Bentley and arrives at a gorgeous mansion. He passionately rhymes, “I’ll be damn if I don’t stack this [expletive] paper!” The small taste of the good life sets him on the road to success.
Stacking paper is not Chaz-O’s only objective. He is focused on excelling in every aspect of his life. “I won’t let a day go by where I don’t shine,” said Chaz-O when asked about his mentality. His idea of success is reminiscent of early Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Nipsey Hussle. The imagery of a lavish lifestyle is a commonplace in hip-hop, but still effective.
Chaz-O has beaten the odds countless times. He struggled throughout his childhood and lost his father to the prison system as a young adult. His music is an opportunity to transcend in life and put the Connecticut hip-hop scene on the map. “I’ll Be Damn” and The Great EP are great stepping stones for the talented emcee.
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