Rapper Akinyele First To Bring Lusty Live Entertainment & Soul Food To South Beach

MIAMI, FL (Aug. 9, 2016) – Akinyele Adams, former owner of the world famous King of Diamonds gentleman’s club in Miami, announced his latest business venture with up and coming exotic entertainment brand, V-Live. The opening of the new hotspot will feature censored live entertainment from the world’s most adored women from all over the world. Akinyele, who’s reputation as a successful businessman in the adult entertainment industry precedes him. He confirms his new restaurant will provide a sexy new destination for tourists of all backgrounds to experience and enjoy nightlife twenty-four hours a day and night.

“We’re teaming up with the new, young and fresh V-Live to represent the one culture that is missing on Ocean Drive – our urban culture,” says Akinyele. “I love South Beach, it’s such a beautiful place and because of the diversity of so many cultures all in one place, it reminds me of my hometown of New York in that way. That’s why I wanted to bring my business to Ocean Drive to cater to those who enjoy and want to experience the urban culture. In addition to that we’re actually bringing something to the table that believe it or not doesn’t even exist on South Beach and that’s soul food. Come’on we’re easily gonna be the best place on earth with great food, gorgeous women and the beach, that’s ecstasy at its best,” excitedly says King Of Diamonds V-Live owner, Akinyele.

The former rapper, who rose to fame in the ‘90s with his hit record “Put In Your Mouth,” says the new business is a cleaned up version of the strip clubs he’s known for, similar to how Drake “cleaned up” (For Free) that Akinyele and made famous back in the day, with his own modern take to appeal to a millennial era. He notes, I’m only being a contribution to the city and the state of Miami, Florida by providing the sweetest new attraction. We will provide a piece-of-pie portion of the racy antics that people travel from all over the world to see in the safest environment. We clearly understand the wants and needs of the marketplace, tourists want to have a marvelous time and have a story to tell all of their friends when they leave Miami so with all of that being said, we make sure there is a pole in the middle of the floor!” says an eager Akinyele.

King of Diamond V-Live will be the first black-owned business in the iconic part of town on historic Ocean Drive. “This is a significant move for us because just 35 years ago, black people weren’t allowed access to Ocean Drive at all. At a certain time every day, they had to leave the beach if they didn’t have signed permission by the police chief. Now, we have the opportunity to integrate Ocean Drive and invite people to enjoy our culture,” Akinyele notes.

Guests will soon have the opportunity to indulge in traditional soul food dishes including collard greens, mac’ & cheese and fried chicken, along with a smorgasbord of beautiful women providing live entertainment.

Tune in to Akinyele’s new reality showThe King of South Beach” every Monday on AllHipHop.com to follow his progress as he integrates Ocean Drive while facing backlash from the area’s fellow business owners and residents.


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