Rap Mogul Irv Gotti Converts Hip Hop Music To BET Series, Tales (Visual Teaser)

Former rap music icon Irv Gotti has resurfaced and entered the television arena with a new twist on the burgeoning anthology television series trend.

‘Tales,’ which rolled out this week on BET, is the latest brainchild from the Murder Inc. Records impresario who worked with Jay-Z and DMX in the late 1990s before introducing hit makers Ja Rule and Ashanti to the masses.

The scripted series consists of six different episodes weaving subject matter from classic and popular rap songs — such as N.W.A.’s ‘F*** The Police, Meek Mill’s ‘Cold Hearted’ and The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Story To Tell’ — into feature film-styled narratives.

After scoring platinum-plated success in the music business, the audacious auteur said it was time to take his vision to a whole other level.

“In all honesty, it came out of a hunger to get in the game, out of a hunger to be successful in the TV landscape, in the film landscape,” says Gotti,  executive producer, of ‘Tales,

During a chart-topping heyday during the late ’90s and early ’00s, the Hollis Queens, NY native (legally known as Irving Lorenzo) was an in-demand producer of songs by Foxy Brown, Fat Joe, Eve, Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Carlton among others.

“I said the industry really respects me for what I did musically,” he explained. “And when I’m having these meetings with these different [movie] studios and [executives], that’s the one thing that they definitely respected was my music.”

“So I was at my home and thinking about what to do and I was basically like, ‘I need to something with music,’” he continued.

via NBC News

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