Rap-A-Lot Pioneers Come Together For Online Radio Show

Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio exclusively interviewed  many Rapalot pioneers and legends such as early Geto BoysDJ Ready Red, who gave GB their original sound and lyrical flame spitter Raheem. The show by all rights should go down as something historical because many artists came together that were a part of something so big not only to Houston or the South but to the rap game period.
The youngest rapper ever on Rapalot 2 Low called in, if you remember he was the rapper who kicked it off on the posse song “Bring It On” from the Geto Boys album “Til Death Do Us Apart” and at the time he was only 12 years old. Oakland legend Yukmouth joined the round table to speak on his time with Rapalot as well as Horrorcore pioneer Ganxsta Nip who not only put out several albums on the label but also wrote “Chuckie” from the platinum iconic Geto Boys album “We Can’t Be Stopped.”
Dope-E from the Terrorists dropped knowledge and at one point the idea was thrown out for the former label mates to all come together and possibly do a project. At one point Dope-E and legendary producer Mike B (Pimp-C, Big Mike) spoke about possible concepts with the production. DMG of Facemob called in to represent as well as members of the early Rapalot group Def IV.
In all it was an historical night with many legends calling in. Several paid homage to the label’s founder and CEO J. Prince. The show was amazing to say the least!
“It was a success! As a kind I bought those albums! Many didn’t show up, but many couldn’t and we paid our respects to the people who are no longer with us like OG Style, Seagram, Big Mello, Black of Too Much Trouble and others. I hope the true die-hard fans of this real shit liked the show and I hope I did the Rapalot legacy justice.” -Prezident Bejda

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