RandyStaySnappin & Zoey Dollaz – “Zig Zag”

Randy Tulloch artistically known as, RandyStaySnappin is slowly but surely making noise and establishing his place in the hip hop artist game. The 21 year old grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl , and was born July 1st, 1995, of Jamaican descent. 

Since signing with TruStory Entertainment, Randy has recorded this hit single ‘Zig Zag’ with Zoey Dollaz, and the single is currently running through Miami like wildfire!

Throughout it all, I try to remain humble and I’m very appreciative of what TruStory is doing for me, however I can’t help but to notice that, We Winnin’.” 

says Randy. 

Randystaysnappin is unquestionably the next artist coming out of South Florida. His hard work ethic and adherence to his craft clearly shows that he has what it takes to succeed, and South Florida seems to be backing him 100%.  



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