Rakim Sacramento Concert (And Why It Mattered)

The greatest MC of all time came to Sacramento this summer of 2014. Yea, I said it, Rakim Allah is the greatest of all time. It was a packed house at Harlows, filled with Sactown OGs, and OGettes. The Fahrenheit Insight was in the building and was granted exclusive access to the Microphone Fiend after the show.

In person it is confirmed, Rakim is a great MC. It was important Sacramento’s hip hop community supported this event, and that they did.

“Sacramento!” Rakim chanted, getting the crowd hype.

The show was a hit. The the crowd was diverse. Good times were had. It really mattered that Rakim came to Sacramento.

On stage, Rakim mentioned that he isn’t cool with Eric B. anymore. Gone are the days of Rakim being backed up by a DJ and turntables. These days, Rakim is backed up by his daughter.

After the show, Rakim sat down with Fahrenheit Insight. During the discussion, F.I explained to Rakim the impact he had on the city. He also thanked him for the pioneering he had done for hip hop, and told Rakim about hs Fahrenheit projects. In response Rakim stated, “Its always good to be able to come out to these cities and see the impact we had.” Rakim proved to be very personable and humble during the interview.

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