Raider Klan (RVDXR KLVN) Album “Tales From The Underground” Out Now!

SpaceGhostPurrp, the Raider Klan (stylized RVDXR KLNV), released their official compilation album “Tales From The Underground” today, just in time for Halloween.
The album features SpaceGhostPurrp, Amber London, Key Nyata, Yung Simmie, Rell, Nell, and Dough2x on vocals and SGP, Key Nyata, and more in charge of the album’s production.
The album is available on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play or the digital retailer/streaming service of your choice.
Check out the full tracklisting below:
1.Fuck What They Say (Nell, Amber London, Key Nyata & Simmie) [Prod. Key Nyata]
2.They Can’t See Me (Key Nyata & Nell) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
3.Its Nothing (Nell, Young Simmie & Spaceghostpurrp) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
4.No Mussel (Amber London, Doughe & Nell) [Prod. ?]
5.Feel My Fire (Amber London & Doughe) [Prod. Chucky Mate]
6.Ride Wit Me (Simmie & Nell) [Prod. Donny J]
7.Retro (Spaceghostpurrp) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
8.Smoking Dope (Nell, Rell & Amber London) [Prod. Jacka Productions]
9.Im Grind (Young Simmie, Amber London, Nell & Doughe) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
10.We Dangerous (Young Simmie, Nell & Rell) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
11.We Go (Doughe & Key Nyata) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
12.Movie (Spaceghostpurrp & Key Nyata) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]
13.In This Thang (Young Simmie & Amber London) [Prod. Chris Bowe]
14.Underground Gods (Rell & Doughe) [Prod. Key Nyata]
15.Goin In (Spaceghostpurrp, Junko, Doughe, Nell, Rell & Amber London) [Prod. Spaceghostpurrp]

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