Quan’ta Releases His Latest Project “Piru Poetry”

Quan’ta Releases His Latest Project “Piru Poetry”. The project contains a total of 12 tracks. It features guest appearances by Mikey Polo, Chris King, Paxquiao, Trl, A-Wax, ATM Redd, Biz Maxout. peep the tracklist below for further details onthe project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.



01. Streets Love Nobody
02.  Really It
03.  Destiny (feat. Trl)
04.  My Family, My Blood (feat. Paxquiao)
05. 380
06. GO (feat. Shootem Up)
07.  Mission Impossible (feat. Mikey Polo, Chris King)
08.  Enough (feat. FG Preme)
09.  What’s Real
10. Thumb Thru It (feat. Marrywanna)
11. Eastside Baby (feat. A-Wax)
12. Blicked Up (feat. ATM Redd, Biz Maxout)
13. Murda (feat. GFE Rocky)
14.  Nothing Last Forever


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