Producer/Songwriter Poly Rob drops New Album “TTLF: Things To Live For”

Producer/Songwriter/Engineer Poly Rob has just released a 14-Track producers album titled “TTLF: Things To Live For”. The project was created from the energy of working with a number of great artists over the years.
You may recognize him from his many works by his signature tag, YoPolyRobWhatUp! This album has songs that are all produced by Poly, some are also song written and arranged by him as well. Features from Aceyalone, OhNoFromLA, A1 Krashn, MzShayMyLove, Blaque Thompson, and a whole lot more is what makes this project so different and unique.
“I Just wanted to create an album that has some awesome artists that i feel like people need to tune into. And the concept “Things To Live For”, is my motto of living. I live for my kids, my family, my music. Thats why you see my oldest son Mekhi on the cover. Mekhi also is co producer of the album! He’s 6 years old and makes beats. Thats what life is about to me.”

IG: @YoPolyRobWhatUp Twitter: @YoPolyRobWhatUp Facebook: YoPolyRobWhatUp Executive Producers: Wytony Dillon & Dairold Potts


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