Producer/Song Writer Moonroof Morocco’s Releases 2nd Single “What You Want ”

Anion Music is proud to announce the release of Moonroof Morocco’s self produced, mixed and mastered second single – “What You Want” off the upcoming debut EP entitled,  “Nibiru”, slated for release on January 2nd 2018Regarding the single Moonroof says, “What You Want” is about the current industry and how material items have defined the culture. The record is also a spoof on what’s popular in rap. I took jabs at the industry by writing about all the cliché things in the rap industry, while simultaneously writing a catchy, witty trap record that the masses can enjoy. Radio, clubs and stations across the nation should take notice and add this record to their playlists. Heavy bass, 808 drums and vocal effects take this record to the next sonic level and its catchy vibes will definitely have you bouncing around!”

Producer, songwriter and engineer Champaigne Supernova (Moonroof Morocco) is a maverick in today’s music world.  It’s not just a wealth of musical styles or his smooth and expressive voice that have made Moonroof such a fine artist. His songs, which range from thoughtful to silly to poetic, show that he knows his way around the English language and American culture just as well as he knows his way around the recording studio.

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