Pro Zay Drops His Latest Project “Foil”

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Pro Zay Drops His Latest Project “Foil” . The album contains a total of 24 tracks. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the album. As well as the Bandcamp link provided for streaming purposes and purchase

  1. New Batch Intro (prod. by Misturloud)
  2. Levels feat. Clwdwlkr (prod. by Keysun)
  3. Appointment (prod. by Ed Glorious)
  4. Foil Pt. I (prod. by Randy Stargate)
  5. 98 Grams feat. Tony Tone (prod. by Mane98)
  6. Foil Pt. II feat. Okir (prod. by Randy Stargate)
  7. Freezer (prod. by August Fanon)
  8. Sadhu’s Interlude feat. Lamb Rabbit (prod. by Sadhugold)
  9. Marks feat. 98Preem (prod. by Riley Lamarre)
  10. Black Resi Gloves (prod. by Timepiece)
  11. Powder Shoes feat. Teller Bank$ & Lamb Rabbit (prod. by Hesh)
  12. Bleed (prod. by Big Daddy Chop)
  13. Ice (prod. by NCL-TM)
  14. Cruel (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
  15. Flash (prod. by Mane98)
  16. Milk Crate (prod. by Clai Dye)
  17. Youngin (prod. by Ed Glorious)
  18. Tha First (prod. by JLVSN)
  19. Keys In Tha Dakota (prod. by Dakota Carley)
  20. Reminisce (prod. by Benji)
  21. Rats (prod. by Doof)
  22. Bench (prod. by Por Vida)
  23. Red Pt. II (prod. by Keysun)
  24. Residue Outro (prod. by Doof & JLVSN)

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