Pooh-Man – Kaos Theory

Pooh-Man should be known to older Bay Area rap fans, because he was most prolific in the early 90’s, while his last album dropped over a decade ago. MC Pooh is back with a brand new solo called “Kaos Theory”. It is now available online on RapBay, iTunes or Amazon. The album is made of 14 tracks with guest appearances by Yukmouth, Big Zeke, Ant Banks, Suge & Otis and more.

01. Let a Beast On
02. Bang
03. Speaking My Mind
04. Macaronni f. Yukmouth & Big Zeke
05. Mesmerized f. Ant Banks
06. All My Life f. Suge & Otis
07. Get Me Started f. Suge & Otis
08. Players Life f. Suge & Otis
09. Rap Song
10. She Know She Bad
11. Where Do We Go From Here
12. Pray for Me f. Duane Lynn, Marko & Dionne Jackson
13. Cry for Me f. Dionne Jackson & Rahmia Hall
14. Free f. Reyy Jones

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