Police Mistake Detroit Rappers For Carjackers and Open Fire

Detroit police say it was incredible no one died after officers opened fire on a rap group that claimed to be filming a carjacking scene for a movie.

“People do robberies with similar firearms on a regular basis,” said former Detroit Police Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt.

The incident happened Saturday night near 6 Mile and Southfield on the city’s west side.

When police arrived, they say they found someone in a black Jeep who appeared to be carjacking a person in an Aston Martin.

“If I got a police run on a guy with a gun, doing a carjacking, I’d come out with my gun drawn,” said Dolunt. Now I’m in fear of my life as well as other citizens’.”

Police say the armed men pointed a gun at them and ignored their commands. Police Mistake Detroit Rappers For Carjackers and Open Fire Officers, we’re told, opened fire but missed hitting any of the people involved.

Three people were taken into custody and told authorities they were shooting a rap video and not actually committing a crime.

Sources say none of them had a permit or license with the city to film.

No charges have been filed yet.


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