Podcaster Taxstone Allegedly Implicated In Irving Plaza Shooting With Troy Ave & Others

In recent news with East Coast rapper Troy Ave, new details have emerged.

The victim’s brother, Shanduke McPhatter, shared a social media post Monday that said a man with outspoken podcaster TaxStone was the shooter. That person fired at Ronald McPhatter and Troy, and then dropped the gun, the post said. Troy picked up the weapon and it was that gun he was firing in the cops’ video, the post claimed.

If you stay in tuned with the current climate of hip hop you would know that, Troy and Tax have had some sort of beef, publicly going back and forth numerous of times via Social Media.

Sources says Troy approached and had words with the podcaster shortly before he punched Tax in Irving Plaza’s green room. Footage of that alleged altercation has been released, but who got punched and who started busting shots, has not been discovered in the recently released clip. Investigators have confirmed that they are seeking a second shooter.


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