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The Interview (1:46).

For those who heard the last bonus episode I released, or follow me on Twitter, it should come to you as no surprise that I absolutely adore Leather Blvd., an album created by Pink Siifu and Ahwlee, as B. Cool-Aid.

This was a record that did so much good to my spirit, helping me get through some really tough times this year. Therefore, I’m sure you can imagine how honoured I feel to welcome Pink Siifu to the show to not only dive into the creation of this masterpiece, but also discuss what he’s learnt from legendary musicians, his chameleon-like versatility as an artist, and how he approaches collaboration.

We also get some insight into his brand new surprise album, that just dropped a day ago on Halloween, IT’S TOO QUIET…’!!, a collaborative record with Cincinnati’s-own Turich Benjy, who also makes a special appearance towards the end of this conversation.

So it goes without saying that you certainly won’t wanna miss this!

How Siifu maintains his identity no matter what style of music he makes (2:14).

Siifu’s trademark voice (5:05).

The influence of D’Angelo and Erykah Badu on Siifu (8:03).

The role Siifu hopes his music plays in helping those in need (12:45).

Siifu’s mastery of collaboration (16:37).

The feeling Siifu wanted listeners to takeaway from Leather Blvd. (19:19).

The importance of expressing a diverse take on romance in Siifu’s music (24:57).

The greatness of Ahwlee (26:48).

The recording process of Leather Blvd. (28:24).

Introducing Turich Benjy (31:50).

Turich’s primary musical influences (33:11).

The making of Ultrasound (34:48).

What drew Turich and Siifu together (36:43).

The musical experience of IT’S TOO QUIET…’!! (38:41).

The chemistry between Siifu and Turich (44:31).

Shout outs and upcoming work to look out for (48:43).

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