Philthy Rich Cops To Gun Charge; Facing Jail Time Over Straw Purchases

“Oakland rapper Philthy Rich is looking at some jail time now that he has pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally purchase firearms.

The case against Philthy Rich began in July 2021 when he was charged with conspiracy to make false statements in the acquisition of a firearm and one count of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm.

The accusations stem from allegations that he paid co-defendant Jasmine Garcia to act as a straw purchaser to buy guns in her name and transfer them to him in violation of the law.

Garcia has pleaded guilty to her role in the scheme. She is expected to receive a “time served” sentence if she doesn’t break any laws before sentencing.

Philthy Rich initially proclaimed his innocence through his attorney David Chesnoff, who said, “we are looking forward to the trial of this matter as our client absolutely maintains his innocence.”
Legendary Rapper Philthy Rich Facing “Real Time”

According to The Mercury News, Philthy Rich has since changed his mind, and there will be no trial because he accepted a guilty plea.

Philthy Rich is set to be sentenced on June 21st.”

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