Pharoahe Monch Interview on Change in the USA and His New Project

This week we were truly honoured to have returning guest, Pharoahe Monch, back on the pod for one of our most meaningful and deep chats yet. The incredible MC gave us his insight on the state of 2020, touching on some important subjects like getting introspective while coming to terms with yourself during a global pandemic, and at the same time seeing America deal with a sea of monumental change (02:50). Pharoahe also touched on how Martin Luther King’s perspectives are key today (08:30) and how the lack of nuance in social media leads us to a desperate need for viable discussion (12:43). The hip hop GOAT also speaks on how breaking the cycle of poverty is integral to change (17:30), and why, in a divided USA, it’s tough trying to see all perspectives when talking about current issues, and how his brother’s career as a policeman has shaped his views (especially as the difficulties they face are down to an archaic system) (20:30). All in all, we dive deep into why 2020 could go down as the most amazing time in history (28:40).We also manage to talk about his upcoming work, and how Talib Kweli’s ex-manager pushed him to release his latest track with Styles P and Marco Polo, a song he wrote in 2018 (36:30). Pharoahe tells us why his new project is like the child of Led Zeppelin and Mobb Deep, and how his huge fandom for Zeppelin and Black Sabbath has led to this new work with his group TH1RT3EN. We also touch on his album ‘Desire’ and how it grew him a whole new fanbase (40:03). On top of that, the rap legend also breaks down his pandemic film recommendations, including Timecrimes, The Witch, The Lighthouse, Parasite, The Square and Killing of a Sacred Deer (53:11)

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