Passport Rav – Ice Skating (Official Video)

Passport Rav new video “Ice Skating”. From the album “Sand in my Carry On”. Stream/Buy : NFT:… This illustrious animation represents a dreamlike sequence depicting the balancing act of life. Passport Rav’s single “Ice Skating” is a metaphor about life and current times that we are all living in. “Hold your balance and just be patient….breathe.”


See when Rav was skating for the first time he realized that looking down, seeing how nerve racking it was to be on ice that it is best to hold your head up and flow. Don’t think too much into it. Really isn’t that hard when you breathe, bend your knees a bit and KEEP SKATING!


Life is like ice skating, below the ice are your fears your demons and all the obstacles that want to bring you down. “Don’t look down don’t look down man just keep skating…”


This animation was masterfully put together by Quelle Chris. Megala Don on the production.



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