Palmdale Cali’s KOS and DOM Deliver “PassPort” The Visual

Growing up in Palmdale, CA was journey through a dried out city of pessimists that spoke negatively of any art or trends that surfaced. That and the upbringing between two families of different religions gave KOS perspective that lead to the many ideas portrayed in his music. KOS began a career of music through wavy streams of wild lyricism and multiple styles of underground r&b hip-hop. Often crossing platforms, he is one of the very few artists that also serves as a professional cinematographer to guide the direction of his message visually. With influences like Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Outkast, & Kendrick Lamar, KOS has started a pathway to change what it means to be African American and “influential” in America.
I’m not very good at following societies rules to the T because then I don’t feel like I’m innovating. I have to push the limits on what people are comfortable with in order to change and inspire new ideas.” – KOS
KOS’ social media has been a wide range of works including his photography, graphic design, music, and meaningful videos. Out of his own pursuit, he has become an entrepreneur by necessity. All works come from the brand; “GXUVIR” which represents the multi-platforms of media that KOS creates. KOS has worked behind the scenes for artists such as Dawn Richard, Redman, Eric Bellinger, & many more underground artists and companies making a name for themselves.

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