P. Diddy Talks Living During The Hype Of West Coast, East Coast Rap Beef

Diddy spoke out just two months after a cop bizarrely claimed Biggie was shot dead in revenge for his contract killing of rap rival Tupac.

Former Los Angeles Police Detective Greg Kading claims Diddy was “linked to the Las Vegas drive-by killing” of Tupac which happened just six months before Biggie’s death.

It’s an unfounded claim the superstar has always vehemently denied.

Now Diddy has broken his silence to tell of the true terror of living through rap’s bloodiest rivalry – thought to have cost dozens of lives.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show he brings up how his Bad Boy Reunion Tour brought together Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre – a gesture which would have been “unthinkable” back in the day.

He said: “You gotta understand that (the rivalry) was one of the biggest things to happen in our culture. Right now, we’re living in the results of the hip-hop culture.

“So, as crazy as it sounds, there was an East/West war over music, and people were killing and getting killed.

“It was something that was just so surreal and so serious, and so unfortunate and so sad, but that’s something that we’ve had to deal with

“We were all scared… Sometimes things in your life could just get out of control, but we never wanted to have problems with each other.

“We were all fans of each other. And it was just something in that day and age that spun out of control. We’ve all been friends ever since.

“Snoop Dogg is one of my best friends. Dre is one of my best friends. It always should have been like that, but sometimes in life, there’s tragedies so people can learn from them”

Diddy told Jimmy Kimmel just how scary the rap war was.


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