Overnight Celebrities (Smigg Dirtee & Vince V) Drop Their Latest Project Fame Kills

Sacramento’s Smigg Dirtee & Vince V have drop their latest project as Overnight Celebrities entitled, Fame Kills. This album containing a total of 12 tracks features a guest appearance by the Jacka. Peep The tracklist below for further details of the album as well as Itunes link for purchase.

01. Breakin Bands (Intro)
02. 4 Dem One$
03. We Don’t Luv Dem!
04. California Girl
05. Gotta Go (Interlude)
06. Her Too
07. Swervin
08. 4 Dem One$ (Acoustic Alternative Remix)
09. Perfect Lie (Prequel Interlude)
10. Perfect Lie
11. Give Her More
12. Can’t Stand the Rain f. The Jacka


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