Original Geto Boy Jukebox says Harry-O invested in Rapalot and Scarface only member to benefit from GB

After literally spending the entire decade of the 90s in jail for murder, original Geto Boy…  Sire Jukebox was a recent guest on the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio and he speaks on the beginning of the Geto Boys as well as connections with Michael “Harry-O” Harris!

During the interview Jukebox spoke about Scarface being the only member of the Geto Boys to really benefit from the group

Raheem and I have yet to benefit at all from being the original Geto Boys. The only person who I can say who has earned  a viable living from being a Geto Boy was Scarface. I’m not taking nothing from Brad, and I’m not saying nothing disrespectful to Brad and I would never disrespect him because he is a hellava lyricist and a hellava  homeboy and a hellava representative of the Geto Boys, but he is the only one who has been able to eat, or put food on his table, or provide for his family consistently from being a member of the Geto Boys. Not Big Mike, not Bushwick Bill, not Johnny C, not  Ready Red, not Jukebox, not Willie D, just Scarface. The only person other than Scarface who has been able to eat from the legacy of the Geto Boys is James Prince! “

Then Box speaks on  Michael “Harry-O” Harris and his connections with Rapalot Records

” We did a tour with the Fat Boys and MC Hammer before he blew up and we did alotta individual tours and Harry-O, the guy who is responsible for giving Suge Knight the money to start Death Row Records, this is the guy who I knew who was like a father figure to me before people even knew who he was! Harry-O would fly us down to LA and treat us like we were kings because he believed in us and he believed in what we were doing and he invested in us and he invested in Rapalot Records! If you remember the Geto Boys had a song called You Gotta Be Down and it said “I’m down with J from Houston and I think you should know that when I’m down in LA I’m down with Harry-O” This was before anybody knew who Michael Harris was. Me, Johnny-C, Ready Red, and Raheem had established already repore with Michael Harris. This was way before Death Row Records or Godfather Entertainment! “

Sire Jukebox was the third guest on the show. The show also featured Russell “Bigtyme” Washington, CEO of Bigtyme Recordz which was the first label to put out UGK, and then we had Big Hutch aka Cold187um from Above the Law.

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