Oakland’s Kafani Shares Instagram Pics While Recovering From Shooting

Bay Area rapper Kafani was shot five times in late September while filming a Philthy Rich diss video at the intersection of East Oakland’s Seminary Avenue and Foothill Boulevard. Now, he’s recovering in the hospital and posting pictures of his progress on Instagram.

While in the hospital, Kafani has received several visitors, including close friends, family, and even his barber, who showed up to keep him looking fresh. He’s also been dealing with the thought of possibly being paralyzed from the shooting. While doctors haven’t confirmed that the rapper is paralyzed, Kafani recently told BET that he’s sure about the diagnosis.

“The doctors haven’t said nothing but I just know [that I’m paralyzed] because I can’t move my legs. I have no feeling in my legs. I’m paralyzed, but I’m strong. I’m just going through the recovery process but I’m strong. I’ma get through it. God [has] a purpose for me. I made it this far, I been doing this [music]. I’ma keep doing it.”

The “Fast Like a Nascar” rapper also talked out about rap beef turning to violence, “I just feel like music shouldn’t go this far because at the end of the day, this music is pretty much entertainment. Me and Philthy Rich, it ain’t no real beef. It’s pretty much entertainment, but somebody else took it to something real and I feel that it shouldn’t have went that far.”

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