NUMSKULL from The Luniz – Fresh Out: Life After the Penitentiary

Big Herc interviewed Numskull from The Luniz, who ended up doing time due to a former girlfriend, who was also an FBI agent. The Luniz (formerly The LuniTunes) is a duo from Oakland, California, formed by Yukmouth & Numskull. The group is best known for the internationally successful hit in 1995 titled “I Got 5 on It”.… -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Do programs like Scared Straight Work? – Prison Talk 13.11”…

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  • numb the bum tried to charge me 1K for a verse in 2007…he was on allhiphop talking about alcohol addiction..i had a heartfelt song speaking on all kinds of addiction and asked him to hop on it via myspace…he asked for 1K like he was yukmouth or something…i never hit him back

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