NummyNum Of The Luniz Drops “Doing Good Now” With Ben Harris –

NummyNum aka Numskull embodies Oakland. Raw, pure style, soul, edgy, unfiltered, live and most importantly “for the people”.

NummyNum was born and raised in Oakland where he honed his skills for rapping and hustling, gaining the respect of all Oakland legends including Tupac, Mac Dre and MC Hammer.

Choosing to outwork his competition, Numskull’s work ethic quickly separated him from many other artists going down the same road.  Many say Tupac was the only artist that could match his creative output however he may tell you different.

Because of Num’s authenticity, he’s been chosen by the people to be their voice. His fan base is undying and grows larger with help of the internet.

That’s why people love Num. He’s the people’s choice, then and still.

Stay tuned as “NummyNum” conquers the internet, giving his fans all over the globe more of his infectious personality combined with his real raps and creative genius.

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