No Malice Says Clipse Album Is In Beginning Stages And It Will Focus On Religious Themes

No Malice recently offered some details on the upcoming Clipse album which will be the first from the duo in over three years. Pusha T and No Malice are still working out the direction of the ‘As God As My Witness‘ but so far it looks like the album’s theme will be closely related to the title.

No Malice explained that the project is still in the beginning stages but he’s recorded some material with Pusha T. “It’s definitely [in] beginning stages, but Pusha and I have some serious things that we’re talking about and coming to agreement on. It’s a fitting title because pretty much everything that seems to be coming out has a religious theme,” No Malice told

No Malice was explicit that he wanted to emphasize his religious beliefs on the project. “What I want the people to know is that, for me, this is not ‘cool’ — this is not a trend. This is the working power of Jesus in my life,” said No Malice.

For No Malice‘s solo project ‘Hear Ye Him,’ which is tentatively slated for June, he’s looking to present his new direction in hip hop and he added that there’s nothing soft about Christian rap. “’Here Ye Him’ is basically my take, my new direction. A lot of people wonder if it was going to be gospel or Christian rap. I don’t really know what you would call this, but if you think anything’s soft about it, you’re going to have to wake up because I really believe there’s nothing touching this. It’s very real,” said No Malice.


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